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Hi everyone!

As promised in February, I'm back with some updates about me, and about my latest Jason Davey mystery, Ticket to Ride. This is Book #4 in the series, and my 10th novel overall.

My sister and I travelled to London, England on March 2/3 in order to scatter our mum's ashes, visit some relatives and, in my case, to do a little in-person research for the next book in the series.

While I was in London, I did a 4 1/2 hour walking tour of Soho, London's Lost Music Venues, hosted by Paul Talling. As you know, Jason has a residency at the Blue Devil Club in Soho, so I thought it was high time I acquainted myself with his neighbourhood. I was amazed at how much Soho has changed since the last time I took a wander through its very dodgy streets in the 1970s. It is dodgy no longer. And it was lovely seeing the original sites of such venues as the 2i's Coffee Bar, the old Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club, the various Marquee Clubs, etc.

My sister and I also travelled to Derbyshire to visit some cousins who live in a lovely little village called Winster, which is about 8km from Matlock. This is Matlock station...


I have informed my cousins it's highly likely Jason's travels in the next novel will include their house and village.

I also took the opportunity to walk along London's South Bank and to go up The Shard. Again, new experiences for me - and something you're very likely to see in a future novel.

Now then, back to Ticket to Ride - which was released on March 26 and is widely available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and Apple Books in paperback and ebook formats. If you're looking for buy links, you can find them on my website, as well as on the
Figgis Green Tour Website (which is a devilishly clever site my publisher Brian Richmond and I came up with to support Ticket to Ride. Please do drop by and  catch up on the Figs' itinerary, their set lists, band member bio's and Jason's very special Instagram Diary).

If you'd like a little "taster" about what to expect from Ticket to Ride, you can read the first two chapters on my website here.

I've started to do a lot of PR supporting Ticket to Ride. I apologize if you're following my Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages, because this will be old news to you.  But you can find the list and links on my website here.

I'm also doing two blog tours - one which is currently underway for North America, and another in September, which will cover the UK and Europe.

And finally...I'll be appearing on a virtual Cozy panel at the upcoming Maple Leaf Mystery conference in May.

Registration for the conference is here.
More info about the conference is here.


Many, many thanks to everyone for continuing to support me and to stay in touch! 

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Stay well and safe.


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