So who are Blue Devil Books?

We are enthusiastic readers of crime novels who believe that the lesser-known writers are being ignored by the established agents and publishers.

We aim to provide a new approach by showcasing the best of the lesser-known crime writers. Any experienced but as yet unknown crime writer may request to be included on the Blue Devil Books website.

The conditions for inclusion are as follows:

  • There will be no cost to the writer, our service is provided free-of-charge.

  • Blue Devil Books aim is simply to provide a showcase for the latest book written by those writers selected.

  • If a writer is accepted then the details of their latest book will be added to the website together with details of the writer.

  • Writers wishing to be added to the website must submit a synopsis of the book and details of themselves, giving experience and any other books already published.

  • If the book to be included has already been published then it must have been written within the last twelve months.

  • The writer may then be asked to supply the first 3 chapters of the book.

  • If accepted the details of the book and its author will be added to the website, including where to purchase if already published.

  • All efforts will be made to display details of the website in as many places as possible (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.). The website will also be submitted to all popular search engines.

  • Any writers included on the website may include the Blue Devil Books logo and website address in their own publicity material.

  • The decision to include or not include will be made by Blue Devil Books and any decision made will be final and not negotiable. However a writer may request to have their details removed from the website at any time.

  • If you wish to download the above list as a PDF then CLICK HERE.


If you are interested in being added to the Blue Devil Books website

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