Three Dog Knight

When Stephen Wallis, a high tech guru and venture capitalist, is found dead in his secured and highly wired, state of the art home, the news media tout it as the perfect murder. With no weapon or clues left behind, Calgary Police Services are running out of leads. Solving his murder would be the big break out case Jorja Knight is craving. But first she has to survive the relentless snow storms hammering Alberta’s foothills and a stalker who’s refusing to let her forget her torturous past.

Catching killers is part of her job description. But with an ominous stalker on her tail, will this PI escape with her life?

Jorja Knight finally feels like she’s in the right place. With a decent track record and a new love interest, this private eye can’t wait to solve the shooting of a high-profile tech mogul. But Jorja’s probing is disturbingly interrupted by a shadowy figure leaving cryptic notes about her troubled history.

When the victim’s estate is challenged as a result of her investigation, Jorja discovers that nearly everyone close to the deceased is harboring secrets and had a financial motive to kill. But with no evidence of the supposed “Houdini Killer,” Jorja fears exposing the truth could put her directly in the murderer’s crosshairs.

Three Dog Knight is the third book in the nail-biting Jorja Knight mystery series. If you like relatable protagonists, gripping plots, and hot trails of clues, then you’ll love Alice Bienia’s pulse-pounding tale.


All About Alice Bienia

Alice BieniaThey say we find our happiness by following our unique talents and passions. As a child, my passions were reading to escape the monotony of childhood in a small town, skipping rope, eating peas from my mother’s garden and trying to get my brothers to laugh so hard they’d spit their milk out at dinner.

Later I developed a passion for nature, photography, motorcycles, and coffee. I went to university and emerged with a Bachelor of Science in geology. After graduation, I happily investigated the earth’s nooks and crannies, solving the mystery of where earth’s elusive but treasured deposits were buried. My work in remote regions of Canada honed my insatiable curiosity, fueled my imagination and deepened my desire to learn.

Then came technology, and enhanced opportunities to problem solve, innovate, automate, and create effective and highly productive ways of doing things. I spoke at conferences, wrote all manner of technical reports, developed training material and web content. The need to explore, learn and create continued to burn.

I now write full time. Still passionate about reading, photography, motorcycles, fresh peas and coffee, I apply my creativity, imagination and the all important, ‘head down, butt in chair,’ skill I’ve acquired along the way to create challenging crimes for my protagonist to investigate and solve – while throwing her crappy little life obstacles to overcome, just to keep it real. Best of all, I’m still learning and exploring. After all, that’s what writing fiction is all about – going places where I’ve never been before and returning to tell the tale.

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