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Hi everyone!

I realize the last time I sent out an update was in July 2021! I'm so sorry for being out of touch for so long. My sister and I were still dealing with all of the fallout from mum's passing, and even though you think you're on top of things... sometimes you really aren't.

I was also taking the time I needed to finish my 10th novel - the 4th in my Jason Davey Mystery Series. It's called Ticket to Ride, and I'm really happy (and fairly relieved) to announce that, at long last, it's ready to be released on March 26.

In Lost Time, professional musician / amateur sleuth Jason Davey was rehearsing for Figgis Green's 50th Anniversary Tour of England. Now they're on the road.

But when a fortune-teller in Sheffield warns them of impending danger, the band is suddenly plagued by a series of seemingly-unrelated mishaps.

After Jason is attacked and nearly killed in Cambridge, and a fire alarm results in a very personal theft from Mandy's hotel room, it becomes clear they're being targeted by someone with a serious grudge.

And when Figgis Green plays a gig at a private estate in Tunbridge Wells, that person finally makes their deadly intentions known.

Jason must rely on his instincts, his Instagram "guardian angel," and a wartime ghost who might possibly share his DNA, in order to survive.

Here's the front cover!

Ticket To Ride


If you'd like a little preview of the novel, you can go to my website's Ticket to Ride page. There, you can read a selection of wonderful advance reviews - and the first two chapters!

A few things are still to come - a Figgis Green Tour Website (where you can catch up on the Figs' itinerary, their set lists, band member bio's and Jason's very special Instagram Diary) - so stay tuned for that.

And with this release, I'll be expanding my distribution, and I'm really happy to let you know that both the paperback and the ebook will be available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and Apple Books.

I've also been busy doing some local promotion for Lost Time. If you happen to be in downtown Vancouver and you have time to pop in to Indigo's flagship store on Robson, you can find Lost Time on the bookshelves there!

I'm hoping to expand that opportunity to other Lower Mainland Indigo stores later this year...and of course, I'm hoping to include Ticket to Ride as well.

And right now, Ticket to Ride is available to pre-order for Amazon Kindle. So if you want first dibs on the ebook, here are the links:

Amazon Canada
Amazon US
Amazon UK

If you're in a country other than the US, Canada or the UK, just go to Amazon and search for me, and it should be there.

If you're a diehard Jason Davey fan, you can catch up on two of his other adventures that have appeared as standalone stories.

"Salty Dog Blues" was a finalist in last year's Crime Writers of Canada's Awards of Excellence for Best Crime Novella. You can find it in Sisters in Crime's first anthology, Crime Wave (ebook and paperback on Amazon). Chronologically, this is Jason's first big mystery, where he has to solve the disappearance of an annoying Chihuahua on board the Star Sapphire.

And "Blue Devil Blues" (inspired by my secret obsession with the London Underground) appears in the anthology Last Shot, also available from Amazon. This story takes place chronologically after Cold Play, and before Disturbing the Peace.


In other news, I'm continuing to be busy on the board of the Crime Writers of Canada (look for Cold Canadian Crime, a 40th anniversary anthology coming out this May from the CWC) I don't have a story in it, but I am on the committee that has helped to nudge this book of short stories from the initial call for submissions, all the way to publication.

I'm also thrilled to announce that my short story "Terminal Lucidity" (not a Jason Davey tale :) will appear in Sisters in Crime - Canada West's upcoming anthology Crime Wave 2: Women of a Certain Age, which will be out this fall.


Many thanks to everyone for continuing to support me and to stay in touch.

As always, if you want to write to me personally, please do! I'm at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I really will try to answer you in a timely manner. And again, apologies if you've written to me and I've fallen behind in answering.

Stay well and safe.