Hello everyone

I know I promised an update about my writing once a month, and my last missive was at the end of October... I must apologise but over the past November, December and January I've been in a kind of "holding pattern", waiting for things to happen and working on other things...but I thought I'd better send out an update now, lest you worry that I've fallen off the pier and into the Fraser River :-)

I've been happily getting used to being a full-time writer. I love it. My biggest problem has been reassuring myself that I have all the time in the world to work on projects. I don't need to squeeze my writing-time into weekends and evenings anymore, and I don't have to think "I must go back to work on Monday". It's been a bit of a learning curve but I'm finally settling down into a semblance of a writing schedule.

I had a wonderful time on November 6 reading from my novel, Notes on a Missing G-String, at Noir at the Bar, along with fellow mystery writers Eileen Cook, Owen Laukkanen, Robin Spano, Dietrich Kalteis, Grant McKenzie, Derrick Carew, Don English and Aaron Chapman. The readings were at the Shebeen Whiskey House in Gastown. The only downer was that I got a ticket from an overly-enthusiastic parking enforcement officer who showed up one minute before my husband got to the meter to renew the time. Next time I'm definitely going on Skytrain.

You can see pictures from the event on my website here:


I've just finished the first round of edits on a short story called Salty Dog Blues - about an annoying service dog which shows up on a cruise ship. It's a story that features Jason Davey, the hero of my mystery novels. It takes place aboard the Star Sapphire in 2012 -- this is the ship that I wrote Cold Play about, and chronologically actually happens just before Cold Play's timeline. The story will be published this fall, but until there's an official announcement, I'm not allowed to share any more details. So...stay tuned!

And I'm well into writing the second novel in my Jason Davey mystery series, tentatively titled Lost Time. Jason's in the coastal village of Stoneford, rehearsing to go on a 52nd anniverary tour with his mum's old band Figgis Green, when he's approached by a super-keen fan who gives him a photo which opens up questions about a mysterous disappearance from 1974. I'm hoping for an October 2020 publication date.