Hi everyone (and welcome to all my new readers who signed up for this newsletter on my website!)

It's been a busy month for me. Lots and lots of news to report.

We had some very smoky days here in New Westminster last week - from all the wildfires to the south of us in California, Oregon and Washington. And to make matters worse, part of a historic pier here in New Westminster caught fire and burned down, releasing all kinds of toxic smoke into the air, because of all the creosote in the old wooden pilings. I couldn't go outside for about a week, and the windows were shut tight. Thank goodness for fans and a portable air conditioner and a portable air purifier!

The air is lovely and clean now - and it's been raining and very windy. Perfect writing weather. (Yes I've been busy starting the research on my next Jason Davey novel - Ticket to Ride! I hope to have it out by the end of August, 2021).

As you may know, I'm the BC/YT/NWT rep for the Crime Writers of Canada. I've been involved in organizing two projects for the Word Vancouver Festival, which usually takes place at Vancouver Public Library. This year, because of COVID-19, the festival has gone 100% virtual. CWC was given the opportunity to sponsor a workshop by our member Eileen Cook, and in exchange for that sponsorship we were given a virtual "table" on the Word website. I organized a showcase featuring 20 west coast CWC members and their latest novels. Please do drop by and have a look at the fabulous assortment of talent on show! (yes, Lost Time is there and I'm very honoured to be sharing a "table" with such an amazing collection of west coast mystery and crime writers!)
The "table" is hosted on the CWC Facebook page:

I also organized a collection of novels by CWC writers for Word's Silent Auction. Again, I'm so honoured to be included in this wonderful gathering of authors.
There were so many books Word had to break it up into four different collections!

The auction ends September 30th so get your bids in if you're interested in some genuine bargains and some wonderful fiction from my crime-writing colleagues.
And for more information on Word Vancouver please visit: https://www.wordvancouver.ca/

The Surrey International Writers Conference is taking place virtually this year as well - and I'm happy to announce that I'll be taking part in the SiWC 2020 at home Author Showcase virtual event - online on Friday October 23, between 4:30pm-5:30pm - where I'll be doing a three minute talk about Lost Time. I'm very excited about this (and also very nervous!)

You need to be a conference attendee to access the event on Zoom.
You can find out more about SIWC here:

There are one or two more events coming up in the next couple of months that I'll let you know about next time.

As you know from my last newsletter, Lost Time was released on August 31, and it's available as a paperback and an ebook from Amazon worldwide. It's the second novel in my Jason Davey mystery series.

In 1974, top UK band Figgis Green was riding high in the charts with their blend of traditional Celtic ballads mixed with catchy, folky pop. One of their biggest fans was sixteen-year old Pippa Gladstone, who mysteriously vanished while she was on holiday with her parents in Spain in March that same year.

Now it's 2018, and founding member Mandy Green has reunited the Figs for their last-ever Lost Time Tour. Her partner, Tony Figgis, passed away in 1995, so his place has been taken by their son, professional jazz guitarist (and amateur sleuth) Jason Davey.

As the band meets in a small village on the south coast of England for pre-tour rehearsals, Jason's approached by Duncan Stopher, a diehard Figs fan, who brings him a photo of the band performing at the Wiltshire Folk Festival. Standing in the foreground is Pippa Gladstone. The only problem is the Wiltshire Folk Festival was held in August 1974, five months after Pippa disappeared. Duncan offers Jason a substantial sum of money to try and find out what really happened to the young woman, whose mother had her declared officially dead in 1981.

When Duncan is murdered, it becomes increasingly clear to Jason that his investigation into Pippa's disappearance is not welcome, especially after he follows a series of clues which lead him straight back to the girl's immediate family.

But nothing can prepare Jason for the truth about Pippa, which he discovers just as Figgis Green is about to take to the stage on opening night—with or without him.

Fans of my Charlie Duran / Mr. Deeley romantic time travel books will recognize the setting for Lost Time: Stoneford and Middlehurst, in Hampshire, and Stoneford Manor, which Jason and the Figs have taken over for their rehearsals.

You can read the first two chapters of Lost Time on my website here:
And there are links to Amazon Canada, US and UK. (Thanks to everyone who's bought the book - you are very much appreciated!)

As I mentioned in my last newsletter, I've been working on some PR for the novel. I'm doing a month-long blog tour with Silver Dagger. Silver Dagger's Jason Davey page is here:
There's an extensive interview with me on the website, which I know you'll enjoy. I certainly had fun answering all of the questions.
The tour features both Jason Davey novels (Notes on a Missing G-String and Lost Time) as well as the prequel novella, Disturbing the Peace.
As part of the tour, I'm giving away a $10 Amazon giftcard, and an ebook set of the series, so please do drop by and enter the draw if you're interested.
The Silver Dagger tour finishes on Wednesday, October 7, 2020.

A few of the blogsites on the Silver Dagger Tour have interviewed me or featured a guest post by me on their pages. I hope you'll find them entertaining :-)

Check out my guest post - what famous ship I sailed on, what illegal fan club I ran when I was 12 and what I'm absolutely passionate about.

You can read all about how I came up with the characters and their names in Lost Time, my favourite part of the novel, who Jason was based on and what we'd do if I could spend two weeks with him!

Not content to confine myself to the Silver Dagger tour, I also reached out to some independent bloggers who happily featured even more interviews and guest posts:

Cosy Up With Kathy (if you're interested in the four intriguing items in my pantry and which three bands inspired Figgis Green)

You can read all about my fear of lightning - something I have in common with my hero, Jason Davey, on Debra Purdy Kong's blog.

My adventures fixing my car were featured on Joanne Guidoccio's blog:
Basic Car Maintenance for Women.

Cheryl Holloway featured an interview where I chatted about the special research I needed to do for Lost Time, where I get my ideas from and some of the challenges I experienced.

Whew! I think that's it for now!

Many thanks to everyone for continuing to support me and to stay in touch!

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