Hello everyone

The last time you heard from me was in February! So much has happened since then - I think we've all been thrown for a loop with Covid-19... our lives have been impacted in so many ways. I'm so sorry to report that one of my close cousins in England contracted the virus along with her husband, and sadly, her husband didn't recover. My ongoing sympathies and love to Gabi and her family--I know she's reading this. The world has indeed changed, and I hope everyone will continue to cope ok and stay safe.

I'm still happily adjusting to being a full-time writer and I still love it. I've been using a my "hermit" time to try and finish my next novel, Lost Time, which is Jason Davey's second big mystery. Jason's in the coastal village of Stoneford (which you'll remember from my time travel novels!), rehearsing to go on a 52nd anniverary tour with his mum's old folk-pop band Figgis Green. He's approached by a super-keen fan who gives him a photo which opens up questions about the mysterious disappearance of a young woman in 1974. I've just finished the 3rd draft. I'll put it through one more quick draft for "embellishments" and then I think it'll be ready for publication.

In May, Kirkus Reviews did a lovely review of Jason's first big mystery, Notes on a Missing G-String. Please do visit their website and have a read!

I'm extremely happy to report that I've officially severed my relationship with Diversion Books and have got all the rights back to the following five novels: Skywatcher, The Cilla Rose Affair, Cold Play, Persistence of Memory and In Loving Memory. I've spent the past week or so sourcing out new covers (and in two cases, reinstating old covers), getting new ISBN numbers, and reformatting the books so that I could offer them for sale myself on Amazon. If you visit my website, you can find links that will take you directly to the relevant pages on Amazon Canada, UK and USA. For all other markets - please check Amazon directly.


The Cilla Rose Affair

Cold Play

Persistence of Memory

In Loving Memory

If you happen to visit Amazon and see any of those books still for sale by Diversion, please don't order them, as Diversion is no longer the publisher. They've endeavored to remove their links, but the process may take some time. Please use the links I've provided on my website instead.

All of my other work is also still available, of course (the novel Marianne's Memory, the novella Disturbing the Peace, the short story Perhaps an Angel and the novel Notes on a Missing G-String). Please pop by my website for more info about all of them.

I'm also really happy to let you know that I've created an Omnibus edition of my three time travel novels (Persistence of Memory, In Loving Memory and Marianne's Memory), so they're all collected together in one volume. The only difference is that In Loving Memory doesn't include the short story "Easy When You Know How". I was limited in the number of pages I could have in the paperback version, so I had to exclude it. The paperback is 748 pages long, so if you're into big thick books, this is definitely one for your collection. It's also available as an eBook. I think the pricing is pretty good -- you get three novels for the price of two.

More info and Amazon links on my website here:

All of my novels have just been featured in Popular Novelists Writing About Crime, a recently published video wiki from Ezvid Wiki. Founded in 2011, Ezvid Wiki was the world's first video wiki, and is now among the top 3,000 websites in the United States. Their YouTube channel has nearly 600,000 subscribers, with over 325 million views since founding. You can see the video here: https://wiki.ezvid.com/m/6-popular-novelists-writing-about-crime-uJsvAu0X6TgwC

My short story featuring Jason, Salty Dog Blues - about an annoying service dog which shows up on the cruise ship Star Sapphire in 2012 -- this is the ship that I wrote Cold Play about, and chronologically actually happens just before Cold Play's timeline--will be published this fall, but until there's an official announcement, I'm not allowed to share any more details. So...stay tuned!

Blue Devil Books has done a neat little banner featuring all of my novels on its main page. BDB has also collected all of my newsletters and made them available on the website, as well as featuring the latest reviews and my essay Winning the Lottery.
Please do drop by and have a look!

That's it for now! Stay well and stay safe.

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Winona Kent
Author of Notes on a Missing G-String (Blue Devil Books)
Regional representative, BC/Yukon/NWT, Crime Writers of Canada