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I'm late with my newsletter. A lot has happened. First, with the bad news that ties into the good news. My original FB account was hacked and then FB discontinued it. This all happened on Father's Day when I supposedly requested a new password, which I did not because I was travelling, picking up our new mini-schnauzer puppy. I have a new FB account. I will not be reading any messages through messenger, since I am unsure how any of this happened. I have emailed FB but have received no response.

Now, the good news. My husband and I drove to Mission, BC to pick up or new mini-schnauzer puppy, Pepper. As of today, Pepper is weighing in at 9 pounds. He and Ozzy have been getting along great, to the point that if one dog leaves the house without the other, they are looking for each other. I've posted photos of them below.

I have completed the second set of rewrites on the third book in the Jade & Sage series. I'm having a 3 to 4 week break then I'm reading the novel from beginning to end with a big stack of post its close by. Two surprising characters came into their own in this novel. That is always fulfilling for an author.

I was also interviewed in Bob's Notes which was included in the regional Crime Writers of Canada newsletter. I've attached a pdf of that interview right here
I've packed a lot of information in this newsletter including a giveaway.



Meet an Author, Social Media and CWC

Webinar Coordinator


Erik D’Souza is an author, publisher, and professional speaker. His most recent novel, Death in Halfmoon Bay, is a traditional mystery set on the coast of BC. He is the social media and webinar coordinator for Crime Writers of Canada and co-president of the Tri-City Wordsmiths. In addition, he hosts the popular reading series, Writers in our Midst at the Port Moody Public Library.

He lives in Vancouver, BC, with his wife, two teenage boys and a rowdy dog. Author page: – Publisher site: When asked why he likes promoting authors, he answered:
"Writing is an introvert’s job. We must be left alone to work on our craft and ponder many things, such as plot twists and themes. But our success as an author often depends on others. There’s nothing worse than a writer on Twitter spamming, “My book is great. You should read it.” But if someone else posts, “I just read this book and loved it,” other readers might consider picking it up. I believe that Canada is overflowing with amazing authors, and the only way the world will discover us is if we all start promoting each other."I asked Erik what his job was with the CWC?
I’m the social media and webinar coordinator for Crime Writers Canada. Two years ago, I started in this role when we were all stuck at home because of Covid. The CWC wanted to boost its online presence, and I was lucky enough to get the job.


We produce a webinar series that is a unique members-only perk for the CWC. They are informational videos that have been created with topics that crime writers appreciate. We aim to engage our audience and offer a service they cannot find anywhere else. So far this year, we’ve had webinars hosted by Donna Carrick, Barbara Fradkin, Cathy Ace, Joy Fielding, and Nate Hendley.
To celebrate CWC’s 40th anniversary, we started a series of Meet & Greets with Canada’s top Crime Writers. Recent guests have been Rick Mofina, Catherine McKenzie, and Linwood Barclay.
On top of the members-only content, we have produced videos for general distribution through Facebook and Youtube. We have several active playlists including:

  • Conversations with Authors
  • Interviews with CWC Awards of Excellence Nominees
  • Going Pro (A celebration of Associate members publishing their debut works)
  • The Western Wing (a panel series of BC and Yukon members)
  • Meet the Board (interviews with CWC board members)
  • Interviews with the contributors of the Cold Canadian Crime Anthology.
These videos are valuable promotional material for our members and help establish ourselves nationally and internationally. More of Erik's interview can be found HERE.

I have a summer read giveaway. I've partnered with Lanyos Handmade. Her website can be checked out HERE. If an individual subscribes to the newsletter, between now and 12 pm August 3, 2022, their names will be put in a hat and a name drawn. The winning subscriber will win The Unravelling, Dealer's Child and the book bag.



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