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Father's Day and a Collaboration

Hello and welcome.

A little news in my area of the world. I was a moderator on the virtual Maple Leaf Mystery Conference. After that event, I messaged an author on a panel I had watched, and I invited her onto the  podcast. She agreed. She then introduced me to her publicist, Creative Edge Publicity. Mickey of Creative Edge and I had a good conversation, and we have struck up a collaboration featuring authors he represents. I'm excited about this venture. This spurred me to actually create a logo for the podcast. I've inserted it below. I'm hoping to create a little swag, at least a coffee mug!

Also, if you're a member of Sisters in Crime - Canada West, I've been interviewing members of Sisters in Crime regarding their first published piece of fiction, award nominations and award wins. The Sisters in Crime - Canada West link is here. Can you believe that Ozzy did not bark through a single interview? More interviews are scheduled this week.

I am working on book three of the Jade and Sage series. Even retired, I use every minute of the day. My goal is to have the second set of rewrites complete by the first week of July. Then it's a 4 week break, before getting back to more rewrites. Today, I'm actually doing "overtime" on my own work. That kind of cracks me up.

It's Father's Day this month and I want to feature the dad authors who've been on the podcast. So in no particular order, I have gone into the vault and I have linked the dads who have appeared on the podcast.


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