Joanna Vander Vlugt, Author
of The Unravelling and Dealer's Child

Hello and welcome to my new newsletter. I will be going back into the 2022 podcast vault and featuring authors who have come on the podcast. If I haven't featured you yet, I will. All podcasts can be found at or click the button below.

In February my husband Ed, Ozzy and I moved into our new house, and it has been go time since that move. I've been podcasting, writing and flinging snakes while working with the landscaper. I'm up to a 6 snake count. Say that multiple times. The photo at the top is from my back yard. As you can tell, we have visitors. A good portion of that rock was covered by dirt. Over the course of weeks, I managed to uncover the rock and I have talked about it with Alice Bienia, one of the authors who stopped by the podcast. That rock has also been my inspiration for a novel.

I hope everyone has a good day and there's something in this newsletter you might find interesting. If you are interested in an art commission, just drop me a line. Cheers.


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