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February 2022 


February 24, 2022

I found my gloves! Now, that would be a neat opening sentence for a novel. My husband and I have moved into our house! I have packed and unpacked, and I have seen many items. It's a matter of trying to remember where I've placed those items. Well, on the coast, our weather has dipped below freezing. It was -5 today. Yes, those in the Prairies and Ontario are laughing. I have been searching for my gloves, going through boxes because of the colder weather and today I finally found them.

If you haven't had a chance I had the pleasure of interviewing Victoria artist, The Urban Escapist himself, Cory Scott. Cory Scott comes from Manitoba. We had a relaxed, reflective discussion about finding art in the city.

Now, the photo above. That photo, along with another, has been the inspiration for a time travel novel I'm writing involving a switchboard. I was always impressed by these machines and the women who connected callers with those cords. I've been madly writing the first draft before I turn back to Spy Girl and start re-writes.

I want to support my fellow authors and feature authors in my newsletter. The first author I'm featuring is Susan Jane Wright https://susanjanewright.ca/. She is the author of Box of Secrets. It was a finalist for the Crime Writers of Canada Award of Excellence. In this novel I really enjoyed the sister dynamic and being taken into a corporate/political setting. I had no clue who was the antagonist. I really enjoyed her characters and the plot.

Box of Secrets - Susan Jane Wright


The second author I would like to feature is Debra Purdy Kong. http://www.debrapurdykong.com/ Debra Purdy Kong has written her 6th Casey Holland book, The Blade Man. The first time I heard Debra read an excerpt from one of her books, it was over a FB link and I didn't want her to stop. If you've ever had to travel public transit, it can be hit and miss with regards to the passenger who sits down beside you. Debra has regular bookfunnel deals and is another great author to check out.

The Blade Man - Debra Purdy Kong


Everyone stay healthy. Keep reading. Keep writing.




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