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January 2022 


January 2022

Hello. How is everyone? It's been a while since I sent my last newsletter. I wanted to provide some interesting news.

First, I retired. After 33 years working for the Ministry of the Attorney General, I decided it was time. My brain still hasn't adjusted. I spent 33 years sitting at a desk, and I am continuing that tradition, except I'm working on my stories.

Before the end of 2021, I completed the first draft of book three in the Jade & Sage thriller series. The working title for that book is Spy Girl. I will start re-writes on that book in February 2022, giving myself a little space from it.

In the meantime, two minor characters in book 3, are leading the story in book 4, and that's what I'm working on this month. Book 4 is a time travel using a 1945 switchboard with cords and jacks. I have always been amazed by these old machines. As it happens, my new heroine, Coco, a street nurse in the downtown east side, is thrown back to 1945 near the end of the second world war. This morning my spouse walked past my computer and asked why I had a diagram of a tank on my screen. My answer, "Research." I am also researching the RCAF and RAF. Since I have retired, I feel like space has opened in my brain to write book 4. I am following the practices of NanoRiMo and my goal is to get 100 pages written by the end of the month. I'm at page 25 right now.

Stay healthy everyone. Remember to breathe. I'll catch up with you in a few more weeks.




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