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Update from #teamJade

Dealer's Child Launch 


Hi everyone.

It's been a while since you've heard from me!

First, I'm happy to announce that $150 was donated to the ALS Society from the purchase of #teamjade t-shirts. Thank you very much.

After the virtual launch, Dealer's Child made it into Amazon's top 100 placing at #60. That has never happened before. As much as I appreciate the placing, during my week's vacation I'm contacting local bookstores about carrying Dealer's Child.

I have started writing book 3. If you've read Dealer's Child, well, Gillian with a "G" becomes a target for a few nasty characters.

Also, Dealer's Child is a FINALIST in the Canadian Bookclub Awards. I find out the results by the end of the year.

Finally, I'm excited about next year's podcast. I'm already booking authors, artists, a local magazine editor and a chef. My mission with the podcast is always to get new listeners. If you know of an author, artist, burlesque dancer, chef, please tell them about me. I'd be interested in interviewing them.

Stay safe. Cheers. 



 Now watch the trailer for Joanna's second exciting story Dealer's Child!