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Dealer's Child


Real book launch on Sat. August 28, 2021

Hello. This feels like a surreal newsletter. I have been following Dr. Bonnie Henry's recommendations. My oldest daughter, a nursing student, has been sending me updates. As of tomorrow, indoor organized events of up to 50 people will be allowed following the COVID safety plan and protocols. I am putting down a deposit at a venue in Victoria in a couple of weeks for a book launch on August 28, 2021. I say all of this knowing that at the last minute the rug could be pulled out from underneath me, but I am not living in fear. I'm enjoying my little "woohoo" moments. I will keep you posted on details. I also respect and understand each individual's comfort levels with regards to events and seriously, being around people.

Dealer's Child has been given to my editor for a second round of edits. Ozzy Imprint has been working on the book trailer, which will be released this Friday. Let's get out the popcorn.

For now, I've included a photo of the book cover.

Stay healthy everyone. Thank you for reading.



 Now watch the trailer for Joanna's second exciting story Dealer's Child!