Following up on the last newsletter, the gift short story I sent everyone, well, there was a call for submissions so I've submitted Cappuccino with a Sprinkle of Crime to Strand magazine. Fingers crossed it is accepted. If not, as an indie author, I'll put that story to good use elsewhere. Thank you for your feedback. I appreciated it.

A shout out to Brian in the UK who has been promoting me and my fellow Canadian mystery authors. Thank you, Brian.

Here is my latest illustration for Dealer's Child coming out in the Fall. The tread on those bike tires, had me shaking my head. Wow. My favourite marker was drying up, blue violet, but I managed to use every last bit of marker ink. This might be the card for Mr. Younghusband. I'm trying one more and in a future newsletter, I'll ask for your input as to which one is better.

I was part of an email newsletter sign up through the Self Publishing Agency. If I have added you to my email, and you don't want to be, please, please tell me and I will immediately remove your email address and my apologies in advance.

Thank you for your comments. I am now going to relax and start reading my first ever Steampunk novel! Stay healthy everyone. Joanna


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