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G-StringThe first time we met Jason Davey, he was entertaining passengers aboard the Alaska cruise ship Star Sapphire, Eight ‘til Late in the TopDeck Lounge.

Then he came ashore, got a gig playing lead guitar at London’s Blue Devil jazz club, and gained a certain amount of notoriety tracking down missing musician Ben Quigley in the Canadian north.

Now Jason’s back again, this time investigating the theft of £10,000 from a dancer’s locker at a Soho gentlemen’s club.

Jason initially considers the case unsolvable. But the victim, Holly Medford, owes a lot of money to London crime boss Arthur Braskey and, fearing for her life, has gone into hiding at a posh London hotel.

Jason’s investigation takes him from Cha-Cha’s and Satin & Silk (two Soho lapdancing clubs) to Moonlight Desires (an agency featuring high class escorts) and finally to a charity firewalking event, where he comes face to face with Braskey and discovers not everything Holly’s been telling him is the complete truth.

As he becomes increasingly drawn into the seamy underside of Soho, Jason tries to save Gracie, his band-mate’s 14-year-old runaway daughter, from Holly’s brother Radu, a ruthless pimp, while at the same time protecting Holly herself from a vengeful Braskey—nearly losing his life, and Gracie’s—in the process.

Notes on a Missing G-String is the first novel in a new mystery series featuring jazz musican-turned-sleuth Jason Davey. The ebook can be pre-ordered from Amazon and the book will be on sale on 2nd August 2019, also on Amazon. Published by Blue Devil Books.

You can read about Jason’s adventures aboard the Alaska cruise ship Star Sapphire in the novel Cold Play.

You can read all about Jason’s trek to northern Canada on the trail of Ben Quigley in the novella Disturbing the Peace.

All About Winona Kent

Winona KentWinona Kent is an award-winning author whose writing breakthrough came many years ago when she won First Prize in the Flare Magazine Fiction Contest with her short story about an all-night radio newsman, Tower of Power.

Her short story Dietrich's Ash was an Okanagan Short Fiction Award winner and was published in Canadian Author & Bookman, anthologized in Pure Fiction (Fitzhenry & Whiteside) and broadcast on the CBC Radio program Ambience.

Her short story Creatures from Greek Mythology was a Second Prize Winner and WQ Editors Prize and was published in Cross-Canada Writers Quarterly.

Her spy novel Skywatcher was a finalist in the Seal Books First Novel Competition, and was published in 1989 by Seal in Canada, and Bantam in the US. The sequel, The Cilla Rose Affair, was first published in 2001 and was reprinted as an e-book in 2011.

Her third novel, Cold Play, which takes place aboard a cruise ship in Alaska, was published in 2012.

Winona's fourth novel, Persistence of Memory, was published by Fable Press as an e-book and trade paperback in September 2013, and is the first in her gentle romantic time-travel series featuring Charlie Duran and her 19th century companion, Shaun Deeley.

All four of the above novels were re-printed by New York's Diversion Books on July 7, 2015 and are currently available as ebooks and trade paperbacks.

The second novel in Winona's time-travel series, In Loving Memory, was published by Diversion Books on 26 July 2016. This book also contains the bonus short story, Easy When You Know How. In Loving Memory won Honourable Mention in the London Book Festival's 2017 Awards.

Charlie and Mr. Deeley's third time-travelling adventure, Marianne's Memory, was published on March 12, 2018.

Winona's short story, Perhaps an Angel, is also now available on Amazon Kindle. Chronologically, this story takes place between Persistence of Memory and In Loving Memory.

Her novella Disturbing the Peace was published December 10, 2017.

Notes on a Missing G-String, the first novel in a new mystery series featuring jazz musician / sleuth Jason Davey, will be published by Blue Devil Books on 2nd August 2019.

Winona has an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of British Columbia, and is a graduate of Vancouver Film School's program in Writing for Screen, TV and New Media.

She lives in the Vancouver area and works at the University of British Columbia as a Graduate Program Assistant.

More about Winona Kent and her writing can be found on her website: