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We aim to hightlight the progress being made by a few specially selected crime writers. They may not have been writing crime novels for very long but have shown talent and originality in what they have written so far.

My first new writer to crime writing is Winona Kent. You can find out about Winona HERE.

Here are a few snippets of news describing what has recently being happening to Winona.

13th July  I've officially severed my relationship with Diversion Books and have got all the rights back to the following five novels: Skywatcher, The Cilla Rose Affair, Cold Play, Persistence of Memory and In Loving Memory.

Diversion has advised me that they have withdrawn the titles from sale on all retailer pages but that this might take a while to be processed.

I will be getting new covers for all five books and I'll upload them to Amazon myself in the next little while. I've already started the process by republishing Cold Play with its original cover (from 2012). The ebook is currently live and the paperback will be available in the next 72 hours.In the meantime, could I ask anyone who wants to buy Skywatcher, Cilla Rose, PoM or ILM to please hold off - please don't order the current versions that are for sale as Diversion is no longer the publisher. I'll get my own versions up as soon as I can.

I'm very excited about this and I hope you are too.

More updates as they happen!

24th July  All five of the novels that were previously published by Diversion Books are now available (with old and new covers) on Amazon as ebooks and paperbacks.

Omnibus #1Additionally, I've republished my three time travel novels (Persistence of Memory, In Loving Memory and Marianne's Memory) in an omnibus edition, which is also available as an ebook and a paperback. Beware! The paperback is 748 pages long! As for pricing, I think it's a pretty good deal! Three books for the price of two!

Please click HERE for more information and links to Amazon.